Amazing trick to lower blood pressure in 5 minutes


Arterial hypertension (HTA), is also known as the ‘silent killer’, because its oscillations are only discovered after detailed consultation. Most of the time, the oscillations are not so high to give you discomfort or other pains to make you think that is something wrong in your body.

Most of the time, experts say that there are a number of risk factors such as age over 40-45 years, family history, obesity, excessive alcohol and salt consumption, diabetes, sedentarism or even high cholesterol.

The most serious complication of high blood pressure is the occurrence of a heart attack or a stroke. Should be specified that arterial tension indicates blood pressure inside the blood vessels, measured using a tonometer applied to the arm, and two values are determined: maximum one (systolic) and the other minimum (diastolic).

The normal value is 120/70 mmHg. If more than one measurement shows a higher or lower value, it means there is a problem that needs to be studied in detail.

The simple trick with a maximum effect: In just 5 minutes you can solve a problem that may favor a series of imbalances in your body. All you have to do is identify the blood pressure adjustment line at the neck level. It is located on the neck, from the ear lobe to the middle of the collarbone. Using the palms, massage this area gently for one minute with fine movements.

Finally, you can press with your fingers over the entire area, up and down for 7-8 times. After you follow these steps, press your on the third point just under your ear.To check the accuracy of this trick, measure your tension before and after, and you will see the difference.