Amazing benefits of drinking honey water


Natural honey is an extremely healthy food, and its multiple properties significantly improve health and prevent you from many other diseases. In addition, it is scientifically proven that honey diluted in lukewarm water enhances its qualities and increases the healing capacity.[expand title=”” trigpos=”below” ]

Helps you to lose weight  Honey is a food that gives a great feeling of satiety while helping to manage eating-related anxiety problems such as cravings. In addition, the mixture of honey and water helps you get rid of sweet appetite.

Improves digestion and cleanses the colon – The honey water is best absorbed by the body during the morning. It will improve digestion and help stimulate lazy intestines. In addition, the colon will be cleansed from the faeces and restore intestinal microflora, so that the colon will start to function normally.

Remedy against arthritis –  According to a study conducted by the University of Copenhagen, patients who regularly consumed honey water felt an improvement in arthritis pain in just a few minutes.

It lowers cholesterol – According to the researchers, the high level of bad cholesterol can be reduced by up to 10% after regular consumption of honey water. Also, cardiovascular disease can be prevented from consuming this miraculous mixture. Thus, patients should consume two tablespoons of honey (50 grams) diluted in 480 milliliters of water.

Strengthens the immune system – Antibiotic and antibacterial properties of honey keep away bacteria and infections that cause infections, flu and cold.

Vitalizes and energizes the body – Honey water consumption reduces the symptoms of chronic fatigue within a week, brings vitality to the body, increases brain activity and keeps the brain active. In addition, honey diluted in water has an energizing effect on people who need to increase their physical and mental performance.

Last but not least, this drink with extraordinary healing powers should be consumed also late at night before going to bed (prevents uncontrolled urination during the night).

The mixture should be drunk freshly immediately after preparation, in order to take advantage of all its qualities.[/expand]