All you need to know about hair detox


As the body needs from time to time a detox, the same principle applies to hair. You probably wash it at least twice a week, use styling products every day, and expose it to a constant heat source.

If I add the external factors, the pollution, the dust or the sun’s rays, imagine how many harmful things are damaging your hair daily.

When do you know it’s time to detox your hair?
If you don’t get used to reading the ingredients on the back of your hair care products, it’s possible to expose it to higher risks than you thought. Many of them contain chemicals such as sulfates, isopropyl alcohol or propylene glycol, which aggresses both your hair and scalp.

So, if you notice your scalp is greasy, inflamed, you face folliculitis or hair loss, then it’s time to follow a detox cure.

How to detox hair?
1. Use a mask
You can prepare it yourself at home. You only need three ingredients, but extremely effective for your hair to regain its vitality: apple vinegar, aloe vera and bentonite clay.

Clay has the property to stimulate skin detoxification, removing the excess of sebum, devitalized cells, toxins and other impurities.

Apple vinegar is rich in vitamins B and C, and also has anti-inflammatory proprieties and is extremely effective in fighting against dandruff.

Aloe vera helps repair dead cells on the scalp, and you can also use it as a balm.

Use half a cup of each ingredient and mix them. Apply a generous amount on both the scalp and the entire length of the hair.
Let the mask act for 20-30 minutes.
Rinse hair with vinegar (a cup) and let it work for 1-3 minutes and then wash it with a shampoo containing natural ingredients.

2. Use oils for a scalp massage
If you are experiencing a sensitive scalp, then an oil massage may be the best treatment. Choose a coconut, olive, jojoba or argan oil. All of them have hair-feeding and moisturizing properties. Massage your hair for 15 minutes, then wrap it in a towel and let it work for a few hours.

3.Select the shampoo according to your hair type
Once you’ve made sure that the ingredients it contains are natural, then the next step in detoxifying your hair is to choose the shampoo according to the problem you’re experiencing. So if you fight against dandruff, opt for a shampoo for this problem, if it’s badly damaged, buy one for intense feeding, and so on.

4.Water chemicals and heat sources
I know that it’s extremely complicated to stop drying hair with a hair dryer or styling it with the curler or hair straightener but try for a month to stay away from all these sources of heat that hurt your hair. You will notice that your hair will regenerate and have a healthier look. Also, try to avoid using sulfate-containing products.

Hair detox