8 Things you should never do after a facial treatment


A visit to a cosmetician is generally a relaxing experience and, of course, brings many benefits to your skin. However, after such treatment, we realize we don’t know what to do when we get home and how to treat our face.

1. Don’t touch your face
This is the advice we hear all the time when it comes to a clean skin. Our hands contain more bacteria than you could ever imagine, but sometimes we usually forget that it’s very bad for our skin to touch it every time.

2. Avoid the massage
We know it’s extremely relaxing, but after your cosmetician cleaned up all your imperfections, a massage is not indicated right after treatment. It will irritate your skin and you will make it sensitive.

3. Stay away from alcoholic drinks
A cosmetic treatment is like a detox, but for your skin. It’s advised that after a treatment to drink only water and eat fresh vegetables and fruits. It’s essential to hydrate your body properly.

4. Don’t expose yourself to the sun
Usually, a cosmetic treatment also includes a strong exfoliation, the procedure that sensitizes the skin and leaves it more vulnerable to sunlight. So, after a facial treatment, use at least a 30 SPF cream.

5. Don’t wax your hair
Usually, during or at the end of a facial treatment, unwanted hair is removed. If you have not done this yet, it’s best to postpone the waxing later, when your skin will calm down.

6. Avoid sport
It’s clear that after a facial treatment, your pores will be open for the rest of the day and you will not want to sweat! Your skin will irritate and even infect in rarer cases. It’s best to avoid any kind of physical activity, to let the skin calm down.

7. Don’t use strong cosmetics
After a facial tratment, your skin will be red and a little irritated, and if you’re going out, maybe it’s tempting to want to cover this problem with a foundation. But it would be to good to avoid makeup, because it will clog your recently cleansed pores.

8. Don’t go out in town immediately after treatment
Your skin will be very sensitive and vulnerable after a facial treatment, which means that city pollution or weather will damage your skin. It’s best that right after a treatment, go home and relax.

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