6 Ways to get a glowy skin overnight


A glowy, restful and full of vitality skin is what we all want, isn’t it? Normally, to get to this aspect of the skin, you need a proper sleep program, a skin care routine, and a healthy lifestyle, that is, a proper diet and sport.

Of course, it’s hard to get all these things done every day, and if you need to look as good as you can in the shortest time and have a glowy skin, you can try these tips.

1. Use a mask for the night
There are lots of variants of masks that act during the night. Choose the option that suits you according to your other skin needs. Before application, properly clean the skin, clean it with the product you usually use, then, apply the mask. Let it work overnight and use a delicate cleansing gel in the morning.

2. Make a scrub with rice and sesame
It’s a perfect scrub for the whole body. Place in water equal amounts of rice and sesame and leave the mixture overnight. The next day will have a perfect exfoliating consistency, so apply it to your body and let it act for two minutes. Rinse with cold water. This scrub is suitable for you because the sesame moisturizes the skin, while the rice will gently exfoliate it.

3. Apply a mask with honey
Cleanse the skin and then apply a thin layer of honey. Let the honey act for 15 minutes on the skin and then massage it for two minutes. Rinse with cold water and then apply a night cream. This eliminates dead cells and hydrates the skin at the same time.

4. Apply milk
You probably know this advice from the legends about the beauty tricks used by Cleopatra, but it seems that it really works. Apply a thin layer of low-fat milk and massage it with circular movements until it’s absorbed.

5. Use oils
If you have oily skin you probably avoid using oil products, but there are many variants you can try. If you have dry skin, apply the oil and let it work overnight. If you have normal skin, let it work for an hour and then clean it with a cleansing gel. You can also apply a face spray for a cooling sensation.

6. Don’t forget about eye care
The skin of the eye area is much more delicate, so it needs special attention. The dark circles immediately appear if you haven’t slept enough, so these tricks could be helpful. Use a night cream gel to act while you sleep. Always wear a sleeping mask and rinse in the morning with cold water.

Try these tricks and you will have a glowy skin!

Glowy skin tips