6 Tricks To Extend The Life Of Your Clothes


Did you ever had to give up your favorite coat just because you lost two buttons, had a hole in a corner, or lost its beauty over the years?

We have some tricks that extend the life of your clothes, tricks that you can follow, if you never want to give up a loving clothing article. Here’s what this is about!

1. Stop the drop of buttons

If you don’t have time to sew a button to a coat or a blouse, trust your colorless nail polish you have in your house. Apply the nail polish over the threaded button to temporarily prevent the drop of it.

2. Prevent the socks to broke

Another perfect trick for colorless nail polish is dedicated to tights and socks. At the first sign of a rift, apply a little nail polish on the top of the rift to prevent it from becoming larger.

3. Unlock the zip

You can use a soap to unlock the zipper from a jacket or to make easier to wear a piece of clothing that you like a lot but that has a terrible zipper.

4. Clean your suede shoes

Did you know you can clean your leather shoes with a nail file? Keep your shoes for a few seconds a few centimeters above a hot water pot, and then clean your shoes with a nail file.

5. Clean water stains from leather boots

You can remove water stains from your leather boots with a toothbrush and vinegar. This is particularly effective in winter when your shoes suffer because of the salt that is sprinkled on ice and snow.

6. Protect your clothes with a pillowcase

When holding jackets or special occasion clothes in the closet, cover them with an old pillowcase. This will not create the moisture that occurs when wrapping your clothes with plastic sheets.