6 Things you should never do to your dog


Dedicated dog owners are, in most cases, wonderful people. But sometimes even the most careful animal owners do things that are not for the benefit of their dog. Below,  are 6 things to keep in mind and never to do when it comes to your dog.

Don’t leave your dog alone in the car – Even if outside is cold, in the car can quickly install the greenhouse effect and the dog may overheat. This is very damaging to its body and can also cause death. Dogs can’t sweat as people do, and the heat in their bodies dissipates differently, so if they are unable to cool their bodies and they can even suffer from vascular accidents.

Don’t keep your dog in the chains – It is true, all dogs need access to the outside, but no dog needs to be forced to live his life in the chain. Dogs need interaction with humans and permanent stimulation, and limiting freedom by keeping them in chains can be extremely damaging to animal health and its ability to socialize properly with humans and other animals.

Don’t neglect the hygiene of your dog’s teeth – International Veterinary Associations claim that although daily toothbrushing is recommended for dogs and cats, only 2% of dog owners follow this recommendation. Make sure your doctor checks the health of your dog’s teeth and implements a regular brushing program at home. Thus, you can prevent unpleasant dental problems.

Careful! Never use toothpaste for human use, it can harm the dog because of its ingredients.

Never hit a dog – Penalties applied on dogs, by hitting them are never a good idea. This form of correction will only break the relationship between you two, weaken the animal’s confidence in you and teach it to be afraid.

Don’t assume that your dog has no feelings –  Dogs feel – they can experience emotions and understand them. Recent studies show that they feel love and are able to read people’s emotions by understanding facial expressions. Dogs love and can also become depressed.

Don’t skip the regular visit to the vet- There are people who think they can diagnose the health problems of their dogs and don’t ask the help of a specialist. Of course, online information is important and necessary to ensure complete care, but a dog that shows certain symptoms or changes in behavior needs a medical check-up.