5 Tricks to clean your house fast and efficiently


It’s the day when you should clean the entire house? It’s such a mess that you do not know where to start? If you organize your work well, it will be simpler. Today, we’ll help you with some tips that will make your situation easier when you get home and have to start cleaning.[expand title=”” trigpos=”below” ]

1. Dirty vessels (bottles, jars) – Mix a tablespoon of mustard powder (found in any naturist pharmacy) in a liter of warm water and wash the inside of the dirty dishes.

2. Dirty windows – Spray the cleaning solution (if you do not have it, you can use vinegar) and then wipe it off using newspaper paper. The traces on the windows will disappear!

3. The smell of mold, dampness, moisture in the cellar – Cut an onion in two and leave it overnight on a plate in the cellar. The air will be much fresh the next day.

4. Drying the bath mat – Take a pants hanger (with clips) and put the rug on it. Hang it on the bar that supports the shower curtain. The carpet will dry much faster, especially if the bathroom window is open and the air circulates through the room.

5. Dusty candles – take the candle and sneak it in a pair of old lycra stockings, rolling it from one end to the other. The candle will be cleaned.

If you apply these five tricks, cleaning in the house will be much faster, easier and effective.[/expand]