5 Simple exercises for lifted and firm breasts


The beauty of your breasts depends on your genetic inheritance, but also on what you’re doing to maintain them beautiful. Exercises are absolutely necessary for your breasts to have them firm over the years. Here a 5 simple exercises for lifted and firm breasts.

Exercise 1

Stand up, with feet slightly apart,  in the middle keep an elastic band.
Hold the handles on the elastic band at the waist level.
Raise your arms up to the chest level with your palms facing down.
Lower the arms slowly.
Repeat 10 times.Exercise 2

Stand up, with feet slightly apart and your arms around your body.
Hold one kilogram in each hand.
Slowly raise the right arm, on the right side, without bending over the elbow.
Lower the arm sowly, then repeated with the other arm.
Keep changing your arms.
Repeat 10 times for each side.Exercise 3

Stand up with feet slightly apart, your arms around your body, holding in each hand a one-kilogram and keep your palms facing the floor
Raise your elbows to the shoulders level and the dumbbells to the chest level.
Stay in this position for three seconds then lower your arms.
Repeat 10 times.Exercise 4

Stay on a chair or a bench with your feet on the floor.
Hold in each hand one kilogram.
Lift the dumbbells to the shoulders level, the elbows bent at 90 degrees, the palms facing outward.
Then slowly raise the dumbbells above your head.
Lower your arms and repeat 10 times.Exercise 5

Stand with your chest on a fitness ball, arms around the ball, holding a one-kilogram dumbbell, palms facing the ball.
Stretch your arms to the side, to the shoulders level.
Lower your arms and repeat 10 times.