5 Quick solutions to take care of sensitive skin


Sensitive skin is not considered a category in which you live all your life, as is the case with dry or oily skin. Sensitivity shows an imbalance and must be corrected. Identify correctly if you have sensitive skin and uses the 5 quick solutions for sensitive skincare.

Remove the makeup with micellar water

Replace the cleaning product used so far with micellar water. It is more delicate with the skin and rebuilds the hydrolipidic balance. In addition, you don’t have to use tap water (which dries the skin and accentuates the discomfort). Stop using the cleansing lotions that contain fragrance.

Use thermal water

You can use it outside when it’s very hot in the house or in the office, even in winter, when, due to air conditioning or heat sources, the air is drying excessively. Rich in minerals, thermal water is a quick solution for sensitive skin, and you can use it as much as you can.

Choose the right ingredients

The key ingredients you need to look for are hyaluronic acid (a sensitive skin-friendly molecule that helps restore and maintain hydration), glycerine (another moisturizing agent that prevents the removal of water from the surface of the skin too quickly) soothing, anti-inflammatory and repair agents such as allantoin or panthenol.

No perfume

Don’t choose a face cream or a care product and even make-up because it has a very pleasant fragrance. Unfortunately, in the case of sensitive skin, such a choice only worsens the situation. Alcohol from the perfume composition also irritates the skin. Choose a cream created for sensitive skin.

Light makeup, fine textures

Even if you are tempted to cover your irritated skin with a thick layer of makeup, you will worsen the situation. To apply the foundation, use a beauty blender to soften the skin (don’t rub it!). Choose a hypoallergenic formula with a lightweight, hydrating formula. Try a facial foundation enriched with thermal water. Replace the compact powder with one with the finest texture.Sensitive skin