5 Natural ingredients that harm your skin over time


Unfortunately, not all the treatments recommended on the internet are really beneficial to your skin, some ingredients being, in fact, harmful. Here are 5 natural ingredients that can harm your skin over time.

1. Egg whites
Egg whites are recommended for diminishing the pores and for a velvety skin. In fact, egg white is not that good for your skin. The chances for this treatment to work are rather low, but they can be a real danger because a raw egg may be contaminated with Salmonella.

Applying the egg to your face, so close to your mouth, you can risk infecting with this virus. At the same time, an infection of the skin may also occur, especially if you have small open wounds.

2. Lemon or lime juice
How many times have you read that lemon juice or lime juice can do miracles applied to an acne scar or a spotted area? If you follow this advice, you will feel a sting in the application and possibly have a more soft skin due to exfoliation made from lemon acid.

However, if you continue to apply this juice, you may experience second-degree burns because lemon can cause a phototoxic reaction when the skin is exposed to UV rays. Thus, your attempt to treat a red area might end with a much stronger and more visible burn.

3. Cinnamon
Cinnamon is often recommended in facial masks due to its healing properties. However, this spice is not exactly the best for your skin. After application, you may feel small pricks, but if you continue with this treatment, it’s possible in time to experience true burns.

It’s good to know that cinnamon really has antibacterial properties and is used in wound dressing creams but is also on the list of the most common allergens. Thus, even if you don’t know you have an allergy to this ingredient, you may still be very sensitive or suffer from burns even from cinnamon oil.

4. Maternal milk
Yes, it’s bizarre, but some people use breast milk in different skin treatments. Most often it is used in the treatment of acne because it contains lactic acid and lauric acid, which have antibacterial and skin healing properties. Although it can help to treat skin imperfections, it can also cause various infections and harm your skin.

5. Apple vinegar
Apple vinegar is recommended in many situations, from treating acne to … cleaning the home, being a strong astringent.

When you apply apple vinegar you will feel pricks, and the smell will, of course, be disturbing. If you felt it really did a good change, try to dilute this ingredient to protect your skin.

Used in the long term can cause skin injuries due to high acid levels. In addition, it should not be left to act for too long and you shouldn’t apply it to open wounds. Another danger is that it may touch your eyes, causing a strong irritation or even a corneal burn.

So, be careful not to harm your skin.

Harm your skin with natural ingredients