5 Myths About Cellulite You Shouldn’t Believe


The appearance of orange peel doesn’t please anyone, but unfortunately it affects 90% of women. That’s why there are many myths about how to get rid of cellulite. In this article you will learn what you shouldn’t take into account!

1. You must be overweight to have cellulite
In reality, the skinny women have a lot of cellulite. The appearance of the orange peel doesn’t take into account the weight you have, so even you are skinny you should be careful. Cellulite can occur regardless of the weight you have.

2. Special creams treat cellulite effectively
Collagen tissues on the thighs, legs or abdomen are filled with fat and toxins, which leads to the appearance of cellulite. Stretching of collagen stops circulation, and hormones that remove fat from the body can’t reach these cells to release the fat they accumulate there. You are probably starting to give up the idea that a simple cream you apply in the evening can improve your circulation.

3. Drastic diets help you get rid of cellulite
Under no circumstances can a diet make cellulite disappear. Many people find that once with weight loss, cellulite remains in its place. It’s true, a diet rich in organic foods can prevent cellulite. But once you get there, you can only get rid of it if you start a diet.

4. Bronze camouflates cellulite
Bronze manages to make your skin color darker, but cellulite will still remain visible.

5. Cellulite is hereditary
The body of a woman is designed to develop cellulite under certain conditions. If they are’t created by your body, cellulite will not appear. You can’t have cellulite just because your mother or sister have cellulite.