5 Foods you should never wash


Since childhood, we are accustomed to washing everything before we eat. However, very few people know that sometimes this habit does more harm than we imagined.

Washing certain foods increases the spread of bacteria or other negative consequences. What are the foods you should never wash before eating?

1. Eggs – A special substance is often sprinkled over eggs to protect them from any kind of microscopic contamination. Water damages and removes this layer that prevents the entry of external agents.

2. Chicken – Bacteria from fresh chicken are very dangerous to our health, the best known of all being salmonella. Many people think washing chicken pieces before cooking helps eliminate this bacterium, but this is completely false. When rinsing the meat, the water helps the microorganisms spread out on your hands and in the sink. If you start cooking the meat first, the infectious agents will die. If you want to boil chicken, you’d better boil it twice.

3. Meat, in general – In the same way as in the previous section, you should not wash fresh meat (beef, pork, lamb etc) because bacteria spread quickly and easily. You can get rid of them at high temperatures. Before cooking, use the napkins to remove the juice usually found on the surface of the meat.

4. Pasta – It’s hard to understand who came up with the idea of ​​rinsing pasta with a water jet. The best chefs around the world believe that this act should be illegal because water removes starch that, among other things, helps to better absorb the sauces. The only way you can rise pasta with cold water is to increase safety is when you create some cold plates like a salad.

5. Mushrooms – Fungi, in general, absorb very fluids very fast. It is better to remove the possible dirt in a quick way and let them dry on a piece of kitchen paper. Otherwise, they will swell and lose their elasticity and flavor.