5 Crazy Things That Happen When You Don’t Brush Your Tongue


We all wash our teeth at least twice a day. It is very important to clean our teeth after every meal. How many of us do we clean our tongue? It seems that brushing the tongue is just as important and should be any other part of your daily hygiene routine. There are over 700 different bacteria on your tongue, according to doctors.

Not all of these microbes are dangerous. However, when the dangerous ones begin to multiply around the taste buds, they can cause you real inconvenience. In this article you will read about some things that happen when you don’t brush your tongue.

Bad breath – Bad breath is the first problem that occurs when you do not clean your tongue, according to Steve Cook, a dentist. How is this possible? Bacteria that find a “home” on your tongue are starting to do what all such microbes do when they develop in excess: they produce odors. This unpleasant smell comes mainly from the tongue. Therefore, it is essential to clean the entire surface of the tongue.

Partial loss of taste – When you do not brush your tongue, lots of bacteria, food debris and dead cells cover your taste buds, preventing you from feeling the full taste when you eat or drink. Once you get rid of this unpleasant layer, you’ll start enjoying the taste of your favorite foods again.

Black hairy tongue syndrome – It’s not an SF invention. This condition really exists and develops when the papules on the tongue are blocked by food and drinks particles, especially coffee. Because this particle is not removed when you brush your teeth, the entire surface of the tongue begins to be covered with a black and fluffy layer. It doesn’t affect your health in any way and completely disappears if you clean your tongue.

Infections with fungi – In medical terms, this condition is known as oral candidiasis and occurs when the level of bacteria in the mouth goes out of control, especially when you don’t pay too much attention to cleansing the tongue. The result of this negligence consists of white spots appearing on the tongue that heal only with medication. However, you can avoid this inconvenience if you clean your tongue every day.

Periodontal diseases – Bacteria that develop on the tongue can spread to the teeth, causing gingivitis and inflammation. If not treated, these inflammations can cause periodontal disease. In these cases, the teeth may even begin to fall. What should alarm you is that chronic inflammation increases the increased risk of heart attack and spontaneous abortion.