3 Ways To Cleanse Your Aura Of Negative Energy


Your aura is a field of energy that radiates and surrounds your whole body. This is the total projection of the physical and non-physical self; it can also contain thoughts, emotions and your spirit. There are people who can see the aura (even if it is not visible to the naked eye).

It is important that from time to time to heal our aura of everything that is happening around us. Negative emotions such as fear, anxiety, sadness and anger can create blockages in your aura. Here are 3 ways to clean, heal and protect your aura.

1. Cleaning the aura:

The energy field can be crowded because of emotional luggage or energy stuck in your aura. Here are some options for cleaning your aura:

– sunlight go outside and stay for a few minutes in the sun to revitalize your energy;

– swimming (especially in saltly water) – If you have access to the ocean, sea or a saltwater pool, a quick bath can help. Salt cleanse both physically and emotionally and eliminates blockages;

– salt bath – a way to boost the energy flow;

– meditation – a few minutes spent in peace and quiet can help release energy and negative emotions.

2. Healing the aura:

Your aura can be damaged by traumas and unpleasant experiences in life. To cure your aura, try these simple techniques that help eliminate negative energy:

– forgiveness – forgiving the person who did something wrong to you not only you will give up the pain, but also you will erase the negative energy from your aura;

– visualisation – Imagine a white light that fills your body of energy that walks from your toes to the top of your head. While it moves, this light eliminates any dark or cloudy part from your aura.

3. Protecting the aura:

After cleansing and curing the aura, it must be protected from future damage. Empathy with those around you is a very beautiful gesture because it means you care and understand how the person feels. Sometimes you can feel the pain. If you’re sensitive to the energy of others, you can feel it too much without realizing it.

To protect your aura, try these methods:
– Awareness – Recognize when the emotions you feel. belong to another person. If someone around you is angry, identify this emotion and recognize it, but remember it is other person anger, not yours.