3 Exercises To Increase Your Mental Power In 15 Minutes


The mental power that helps us have a better and happier life is built exactly as we build the physical power. 50 pushups a day doesn’t consume you a long time, but they consistently give you a very good physical shape.

We can also practice our brains and teach them to think differently.

Exercise your mind muscles for a few minutes every day, and after a while you will notice remarkable results. I will propose you 3 exercises that we can use to fortify our lives:

1. Mind Power Exercise: Identify those aspects of your life that you are grateful for

Identify those aspects of your life that bring you happiness, pleasure and satisfaction. It can be very simple things, such as gratitude that you can take a pleasant shower at the end of a tiring day or gratitude for great achievements. Over time, gratitude will become a habit, and you will enjoy the benefits of this positive feeling in countless ways.

2. Exercise for the Power of the Mind:  Mindfulness practice

For 5 minutes, focus on what is around you. Listen to the sounds, watch the room and see what you notice. Turn your attention to your body and see what you notice, how you feel. With regular practice you will increase your ability to focus and you will be able to activate this ability in any situation. When you feel fears, worries, or yesterday’s problems get you, practice mindfulness, turn in your present moment to recalibrate and re-energize your mind and body.

3. Exercise for the Power of the Mind: Act like “as if” …

It is also a popular exercise in the spiritual world. Because our exterior is actually a mirror of our inner world, we are encouraged to practice this exercise to act like ¬†“as if” a situation already happend.