13 Tricks to stay comfortable during a long flight


Long flights are quite uncomfortable. Whether you are terrified by the thoughts of the staying long time in the airports, flight turbulence, or crawling, you have to know that you are not the only one that finds flights really torturous.

To get over the discomfort of such a trip, here is a list of the most important tips that make your flight more enjoyable:

1. When you make your check-in online, you will book a good place and also will avoid the row at the airport.

2. Avoid places in the first rows. They are reserved for people who have children.

3. Choose your place near the wing. You will feel less turbulences.

4. Make time to run before you go to the airport. In this way you will reduce stress and you will be able to sleep during the flight.

5. Walk through the shops in the airport. You will be trapped in the chair during your flight, so your feet will thank you for the little walk before boarding.

6. Fix the clock after you are aboard, without being misled by the time zone differences.

7. Pass an empty bottle through customs. On board, ask a stewardess to fill it with drinking water. This will save you 3-5 euros.

8. Prepare your own snacks. Airplane products are expensive or even inappropriate for those who have their own diet.

9. Have with you a phone charger and install some offline games before boarding. Time will pass easier in this mode, and the phone can be used on “airplane” mode.

10. Take with you a hoodie. You can use it to block the light, covering your head, or as a pillow.

11. Take your lip balm and moisturizer in your backpack. The dry air from the aircraft will dry your skin, and these products will be of great help to you.

12. Wear comfortable jumpers and wide pants or tights during long flights. Jeans are always a bad idea, making you feel uncomfortable.

13. Bring with you underwear and a T-shirt. Change yourself when you get down from the plane and you will feel instantly cleaner.