10 Clever tricks to simplify your life


There are tricks that can simplify your life and you probably didn’t think about it. Today, I will present you 10 such amazing tricks that will save your life in many situations. Your life will be easier from now on.

1. Feet corns. Don’t have special patches? You can cover corns/calluses with a piece of absorbent that should be fixed inside the shoes.

2. The litter and the sand. Is the sand in the litter hard to clean? Normally, yes. But if you put in a litter bag before adding sand, things will be simplified. You just throw the bag and then replace it with a new one.

3. The air caused by the vacuum cleaner. Do you feel the air becomes inaccurate when you clean the house? You have a solution. Add a little detergent to the vacuum cleaner bag and the smell will change. If you have allergies or lung problems, don’t apply this trick!

4. The smell of the clothes in the closet. Put in the closet, among your clothes, perfume tests to have a beautiful smell.

5. The smell in the bathroom. Pour some essential oil (the favorite flavor) on the inner surface of the roll of toilet paper. You will have a pleasant smell.

6. The smell in the kitchen. Pour spices (especially cinnamon) in the kitchen sink and turn on the hot water. The flavor will spread all over the room.

7. Hot water when you don’t have hot water. If you live this unpleasant situation, you have a solution! Start an empty cycle at washing machine at 90 degrees. From the drain hose will flow hot water!

8. Shower replacement. If you don’t have the possibility to take a shower, clean the skin with the hand disinfectant gel, then apply deodorant.

9. Universal condiment. This is made easy by combining the following ingredients: salt, black pepper, paprika powder and curry.

10. Remove adhesive traces. These spots disappear quickly with the liquid face cleansing.