4 Steps To Have The Longest Orgasm

Orgasm is that moment of pleasure that takes people out of their minds and gives them a state of happiness and maximum pleasure. Unfortunately, this amazing moment last just few seconds. If you want your orgasm to last longer, then consider you should consider some tips that I will present in the next rows.

Massage yourself! There is no novelty that masturbation helps to stimulate blood flow and increase immunity. That’s why you should include tantric massage in your prelude. This massage will help you to have a longer orgasm

Learn to relax! In order to fully enjoy this amazing moment and to have the feeling that orgasm last few minutes, it is important to gain a lot of sexual tension inside of you before to let the orgasm show. So, take a deep breath and relax your body when you feel it’s too strained by pleasure. Postponing this moment, don’t plan to have an orgasm as soon as possible!

Make sounds! Avoid silently sex because it’s like giving up on one of your senses during the act. To try something new and every time your mouth is on the partner’s body, ¬†gently try to create a vibration.

Do not stop after the first wave of pleasure! As soon as the first wave of pleasure happened, stay connected to it. Relive mentally that intense moment of pleasure and continue to be stimulated. Thus, you will prolong the feeling of pleasure.

So, try to put this tips in practice and for sure your orgasm will last longer.

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